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Guest Room Servicing

There are many different types, shapes and sizes of hotel rooms. Many hotels have features in their guest rooms that make their rooms unique and require special cleaning procedures and chemicals. However, almost all hotel rooms can be separated into two areas which have basic cleaning procedures. Those two areas are the Bedroom and the Bathroom. We know it is important for our entire housekeeping team to clean the guestrooms at your hotel the same way each time they go into a room. This will ensure efficiency and safety for the employees as well as the guests. 

Function Room and Public Areas

The leisure and entertainment facilities we clean range in size and layout from small independent arcades through to national cinema chains. The hospitality site you have or manage, or whatever specific and unique services you require, we have the perfect team to ensure it is kept clean to the highest standards. We provide complete cleaning services to the leisure and entertainment industries and service such facilities as entertainment centres, cinemas, theatres, function centres, sporting venues, caravan parks, public parks, and more.